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Posts for March 2011

New Hope for the Prop 8 Marriage Case

Just last week, on February 25th, Advocates filed a new motion to intervene in the Prop 8 case defending marriage as between one man and one woman.  As you may recall, the courts have not agreed to allow our client, the County of Imperial, to defend Proposition 8 even though no other governmental official or agency is willing to defend the law that was passed by the voters.  We had brought an appeal to the Ninth Circuit on behalf of the County Board and a deputy city clerk from Imperial County, but the Court denied this intervention and left open the question of whether an elected county clerk rather than just a non-elected deputy county clerk would have sufficient standing.

Well, we now have a county clerk who was recently elected and is willing to defend the voter-backed Prop 8.  Read More

Another Student Takes a Stand Against Discrimination

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Imagine your child is being discriminated against and embarrassed in class by her teacher, because of the teacher’s disdain for her Christian religion.  Would you allow this to go on?

A few weeks ago, we were approached by Heidi Oatis, whose daughter Tommi appeared to be suffering just this kind of discrimination from her seventh grade teacher in Union City, CA.

During her World History Class, Tommi stated that her teacher would frequently make derogatory statements about Christianity.  Here are some of the facts as reported by Tommi:

  • During a class discussions, the teacher has referred to Christians as “zombie worshippers” and said it’s a very “bloody religion.”
  • When speaking about Jesus’ crucifixion, she told her class that the Bible was false and rhetorically asked, “Why would anyone believe the Bible since it was written 2,000 years ago?” Read More