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Posts for May 2012

“Something Special”: A Strategy That Will Change Our Nation

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We defend religious liberty in the courts so that God’s people can lawfully spread the Gospel, pray, and freely worship Him.  We are convinced that prayer is a critical act of worship that will cause the rebirth of our nation – spiritually, morally and even economically.  This divine strategy was implemented for tremendous impact during the Great Awakening of 1857 to 1858, but that time has long been forgotten by most. Read More

National Day of Prayer ~ Thursday, May 3

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On Thursday, May 3, people across the country will join together in prayer to lift up the well being of our nation, our leaders, our armed forces, and our future.

Since the establishment of the United States, our nation has succeeded because of the faith and prayers of its founding fathers, leaders, and people.  In 1775, when we were on the brink of birth as a nation, the Continental Congress asked the colonies to pray for wisdom in creating this new country.  Ever since that time, prayer has been an integral part of our foundation and progress: Read More