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Posts for June 2012

Military Insignia No Longer Allowed on Bibles

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The publishing arm of the Southern Baptist Convention recently stated that U.S. military insignia is no longer allowed on the Soldier’s Bible, Sailor’s Bible, Marine’s Bible and Airman’s Bible.

Permission to use the military emblems on the Bibles was granted by the Department of Defense in 2003, but it was withdrawn last year after the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) threatened to sue the government for what they say amounted to governmental endorsement of a specific religion.  Now, a generic symbol is printed on the Bibles. Read More

Collect Signatures for the CLASS Act NOW!

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There is still time to help stop SB 48 in its tracks, but that time is dwindling down.  Only a couple weeks remain to collect signatures to put the CLASS Act on the ballot later this year.  The CLASS Act would repeal SB 48 and promote the accurate teaching of history and social sciences in the classroom.

How can you help RIGHT NOW? Read More