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Posts for August 2012

Just Married!

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Dear Partner,

You may have noticed that a few months ago my name changed from Jennifer Monk to Jennifer Bursch. On May 4, 2012, I was blessed to marry an amazing man – Jordan Bursch. Jordan’s and my vows focused on our commitment to each other, but more importantly they focused on our commitment to the Lord. We were blessed to spend that day gratefully praising the Lord for bringing us into each other’s life. 

As we celebrated our marriage with our family and friends, it was impossible not to ponder the significance of marriage both personally to us and throughout our society. Read More

Wine Country Vintners to Church: “We don’t want your kind out here!”

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Can churches and wineries coexist? That is the question at stake right now in the face of a Riverside County hearing in Temecula, CA. Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship (“The Barn”) is gearing up to file a federal lawsuit against the County of Riverside in the event that the County continues its ban on churches in the Temecula Wine Country Read More