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Posts for September 2012

Are Our Children Being Hijacked?

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For the past few years, Advocates has taken a very special interest in the rights and liberties afforded to our children as students in the public school system. We have done this not only to ensure their rights in the school setting, but also to take a stand for families who want to bring up their children in the moral structure that they choose.

Parents and families, we want you to realize that when your children go to school, they will be encouraged, if not compelled, to adopt ideals and morals that do not support what you are teaching them at home. Read More

Delegates at the DNC Boo “Jerusalem” and “God”

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The conventions have dominated the news cycle over the past couple of weeks, but a surprising event at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) has left us appalled.

Over the course of the last week, it was odd to see that the Democrats’ 2012 platform made not one mention of “God,” whereas the Republican platform makes mention of God 12 times! Read More