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Posts for September 2013

Students Stand in Prayer at School Tomorrow

 Tomorrow, September 25th at 7:00am, students around the nation will gather in prayer around their school’s flagpole. This has been a tradition since 1990, See You At The Poleand since then, millions of kids have gathered for See You At The Pole (SYATP) and lifted up their schools, teachers, friends, families, communities, and nation in prayer on the 4th Wednesday of September. Read More

Will the Mt. Soledad Cross Remain?

Recently, we sent an amicus brief to the district court in opposition to the decision of the Ninth Circuit regarding the Mt. Soledad cross in San Diego, CA. Mt Soledad Cross

In 2011, the Ninth Circuit ruled that the cross was unconstitutional under the Establishment Clause in our Constitution. The decision stated, “Overall, a reasonable observer viewing the Memorial would be confronted with an initial dedication for religious purposes…” However, the Court did not decide what to do with the memorial. Read More