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Posts for February 2014

Missed Chance for Religious Liberty

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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer blew an opportunity last night to protect the U.S. Constitution and basic religious liberties. The state legislature passed a bill Freedom in Americathat would have protected the religious liberty and rights of conscience of citizens in business. For example, it would have protected the right of a Christian photographer from being forced to chronicle a homosexual wedding or the right of a homosexual photographer from being forced to chronicle the traditional wedding of an outspoken Christian politician who is opposed to same-sex marriage.  Read More

Update on the Brynn Williams Case

Last month, we told you about the case of Brynn Williams, who had prepared a short “Christmas tradition” speech to share with her first grade class. Before Brynn Williamsshe was able to recite John 3:16 – and just 10 seconds from the end of her speech—she was stopped.  You can read the full case here.

In response to recent statements made by employees of the Temecula Valley Unified School District, please click here to see additional documentation in support of Brynn’s and the Williams’ claims. This documentation has been submitted to the school board for their review and for a hearing on the matter.  Read More

Marriage – A Federal or State Concern?

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Advocates filed an Amicus Brief in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals last week in a case regarding states’ rights in the matter of marriage.  We were requested by attorneys defending traditional marriage to file the brief.
Traditional Marriage
The case, Sevcik v. Sandoval, originated in the State of Nevada in 2012, when several same-sex couples were denied marriage licenses.  Attorneys for these couples claimed that Nevada’s state ban on same-sex marriages violates the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution.
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