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Posts for April 2014

Religious Liberty – Vanishing Before Our Eyes

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Dear Partner,

Something concerning religious liberty in our nation happened recently, and with a minimal amount of media fanfare, the event came and went without much recognition.  We’d like to bring attention back to it, because we Christians need to WAKE UP to what is happening to our religious liberties!

Earlier this year, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (Republican) vetoed a bill that would give greater religious liberties to individuals and organizations, exempting them from any state law if it substantially burdens their religious beliefs and the exercise thereof.  Currently, Arizona, California, and several other states have non-discrimination laws in place for businesses and places of public accommodation, and this Arizona bill sought to increase the religious liberties of individuals and business owners.  Here’s a little background about why this bill was introduced…

Since the Bill of Rights was established in 1791, our Constitution has granted individuals the highest protection of religious We the peopleliberty.  From that time until 1990, if a law substantially burdened a person’s or business’s free exercise of religion, the government needed a compelling interest to force that individual or organization to comply to the law. Read More