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Posts for July 2014

Here Comes Common Core… What’s the big deal?

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Dear Friend,

In 1776, Thomas Paine wrote, “Society in every state is a blessing, but Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil.” Our Founding Fathers recognized government as a necessary evil and, therefore, carefully crafted the American government with a separation of powers so no one branch of government became too powerful. Additionally, our Constitution provides the federal government with certain powers and the states with certain powers. Thomas Paine’s words ring truer now than in 1776, because the federal government’s “Common Core” curriculum interferes with States’ rights and violates federal laws prohibiting such control. 

Control of educational curriculum is a state right; not a federal right. Under Common Core and its financial incentives, the federal government is attempting to do
what it legally cannot. The federal government, by financial incentives (our tax dollars), is attempting to take away power reserved for the states. A large part of the American government’s success lies in its inherent restraints on government power known as “checks and balances.” This means the federal government must not overstep its authority by ignoring the laws adopted by Congress.  We, as citizens, should be gravely concerned when any branch of our government ignores laws restraining it and, in this case, treads on the rights of States.

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Prepare for Danger in Our Schools

School is still a month away, but you’ve already begun to think of your children starting up the new school year. We know you have many preparations… You should know Advocates for Faith & Freedom is preparing as well, and we hope we can provide you with invaluable information and guidance.

What are we preparing for?

Protecting your child as they head back to school.
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Is Jesus Allowed in School? The Courts to Decide!

Dear Friend,

            Hostility towards religion, particularly Christianity, in public schools has increased dramatically in the past few years. Cases involving students being ridiculed and even reprimanded because of their Christian faith are on the rise.
            As some of you may recall, Isaiah Martinez, a first grader in West Covina, Calif., brought Christmas gifts to school to share with his classmates. The gifts were candy canes with attached notes describing the legend of the candy canes. The legend tells the story of the candy maker who created candy canes to represent the life of Jesus Christ.
            When Isaiah’s teacher saw what the note on the candy canes said, she confiscated them. After speaking with the principal, she told Isaiah that Jesus is not allowed in school. She then removed the notes at the direction of the principal and handed the candy canes back to Isaiah to distribute to the class.  The teacher then threw the notes in the trash.

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