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Posts for January 2019

Tyler & Bursch Files Amicus Brief on Behalf of Former Transgender – After Court Rules Students Can Use Opposite-Sex Locker Rooms

The Third Circuit Federal Court of Appeal recently ruled in favor of allowing a Pennsylvania school district’s policy that allows students to claim transgender status and allows them to use the opposite sex locker rooms. In that case, the suit was brought by a student forced to change in the locker room with the opposite sex.

The U.S. Supreme Court has been asked to review and reverse the decision of the Third Circuit.  Tyler & Bursch filed an amicus brief in support of the request for review.  The brief was written by our co-counsel Greg Teufel, a Pennsylvania attorney.

            We filed our brief on behalf of a gentleman named Walt Heyer (pictured at left) who sought to transition and identify as a female, had a surgical procedure, and later transitioned back to his biological status. He has since established a ministry to help prevent other individuals struggling with gender dysphoria from attempting to identify as the opposite sex.

You may have recently heard about or read Walt Heyer’s article regarding the heartbreaking Texas child custody case where a mom dresses her six year old boy as a girl and threatens the father with losing his son if he does not agree.

Below are a few excerpts from our brief and you can read it in its entirety HERE.

“[T]he School District’s policy does not serve the interest of protecting students with gender identity issues but rather harms them.”
“Doctors admit they do not know which children will remain gender-dysphoric into adulthood, yet they condone gender identity change, socially and medically, for youth. This is child abuse.”

“The proponents of gender identity theory claim that gender transition, whether social, medical, or both, is the answer that will solve all of the problems of those who suffer from gender dysphoria. Yet, studies show that two-thirds of people with gender dysphoria also have other co-existing psychological disorders, which if treated, could ease or eliminate the gender distress without the need for social gender transition, surgery or cross-sex hormones.”

“Today, the politically correct response expected from adults, especially parents, is to affirm the child in the desired gender. But affirmation gives young people false hope that they can really become a different sex. It is a lie—a lie told with compassionate motives, but a lie nonetheless. Lying is not compassion.”

The law office of Tyler & Bursch, LLP supports our non-profit law firm, Advocates for Faith & Freedom in defense of constitutional and religious liberty.  While your prayers are most important, your much needed financial support helps us manage the costly court fees and expenses necessary to defend against an increasingly anti-Christian educational system and court culture that would allow innocent children to become experimental political pawns.