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Standing Against An Agenda!

I was in my junior year of college at a liberal California state university when Prop. 8 was being debated in 2008. I remember hearing arguments from conservatives that legalizing gay marriage would lead to California schools teaching about same-sex marriage. The response from the left was that gay marriage does not involve children or curriculum. They claimed that bringing in education as part of the campaign for Prop. 8 was solely designed to scare people into supporting the elimination of rights of people to marry the person they love. I believed that, and I didn’t take a stand against gay marriage.

Less than ten years later, the California legislature passed the so-called “California Healthy Youth Act,” which mandates that public schools teach about sexual orientation and gender fluidity. In the past few months, our office has had several phone calls from concerned parents and teachers about the graphic and explicit materials presented to children in the name of “comprehensive sexual education.”

I looked into the curriculum thinking “surely it can’t be that bad.” It is. Although school districts have the discretion to select their own curriculum, the various curricula approved by the California Department of Education show an unmistakable agenda: the sexualization of children and politicization of sex education.

One classroom exercise instructed the teacher to have children role-play the following scenario: “Andie and Diana are two girls who just met last weekend at a party. They had fun together, and now they’ve hooked up again this weekend. They’re alone in Andie’s basement. Plan a role-play in which Diana asks Andie about having sex and they make a decision.” The alleged objective of this was to teach responsible sexual decision-making skills.

Another curriculum explained that “there are many different gender identities, including male, female, transgender, gender neutral, agender, pangender, genderqueer, two-spirit, third gender, and all, none, or a combination of these.” I am not making this up. To help students understand gender fluidity, the curriculum instructs teachers to “ask students to stand up, turn around twice, and sit down again. Then say ‘I want each of you to imagine that you are a different gender.” I  learned about this activity from a teacher in Riverside County who personally gave our office her school’s middle school sexual education curriculum binder.

Thankfully, we have been able to help school board members, teachers, and parents take a stand against the state’s agenda. We are working directly with trustees on the Orange County Department of Education to help them respect parental rights and encourage local school districts to develop curriculum that aligns with the morals and values of the community. We are educating parents about their right to opt-out of all sexual-health education.


However, I can’t help but feel bamboozled by the claim that legalizing gay marriage will not affect what children are taught in schools. It clearly has. How did we get here? I believe it is because people like me were silent while the left was taking small, tactical steps in liberal incrementalism to push its agenda. It started with civil unions, then gay marriage, and now homosexuality promoted in public schools. We let this happen.

Currently, our office is fighting AB 2943, a bill declares that “sexual orientation change efforts” are an “unlawful business practice.” The bill is quite clear that any “efforts to change behaviors or gender expressions,” including Biblical counseling, constitute the unlawful act of attempting to change a person’s “sexual orientation.” Conservatives argue that this bill could result in a ban of the Bible. The response from the left is that AB 2943 does not involve religion or Bibles, and any claim that the Bible will be outlawed is fear mongering

I’ve read and analyzed AB 2943. I know that books, videos, seminars, and yes, even the Bible, could be outlawed if they are used to help individuals with same-sex attraction through the Christian perspective. Christ transforms lives, including the lives of those who have same-sex attraction. I’ve heard countless testimonies of individuals that have overcome their same-sex attraction through Christian-based counseling. The California legislature considers this fraudulent.

AB 2943 is another way for liberals to incrementally chip away at our freedom with what seems to be a small, innocuous regulation of “business practices” that they hope nobody will notice.

It is my hope that ten years from now, we do not find ourselves in a state that has outlawed the Bible. As we gear up to file a lawsuit against AB 2943 once it is signed by the governor, I implore you to rise up and take a stand for liberty and truth.

With children out of school and vacations to enjoy, summertime is a tough time to think about giving. And, although your prayers are most important, we can only fight these expensive and lengthy legal cases through your continued financial support.  Please stand with us today against the agenda of the anti-Christian left with any amount you are able to give.

In His Service,          Nada Higuera, Esq.

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