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California’s Anti-Freedom Travel Ban Widens

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The super-majority Democrat state legislature is at it again!

Assembly Bill 1887 bans state-funded and state-sponsored travel to states that pass legislation it deems discriminatory against pro-abortion and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Stemming from an initial response to North Carolina’s “bathroom bill” that required transgender people to use the bathroom corresponding to the gender on their birth certificate, California’s progressive lawmakers have now expanded their travel ban list to include South Dakota, Kentucky, Kansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, and Tennessee.

In a recent press conference, California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra said, “We will not spend taxpayer dollars in states that discriminate.”

Just weeks after Governor Jerry Brown returned from making a meaningless climate deal between California and China, Gary Bauer wrote in an article for LifeNews, “How insane is the progressive left in America? It looks at China and Texas and declares Texas to be the human rights violator.”

The travel ban against Tennessee was brought in response to their 2016 statute that allows mental health professionals to reject patients on religious beliefs, claiming it permits discrimination against the LGBT community.

But it appears California’s intolerance against anyone who has different, yet sincerely held beliefs, may have met their match!

In Tennessee’s Senate Joint Resolution 111, the Volunteer State’s lawmakers mocked the California legislature’s logic by condemning these travel boycotts as an act of “foolishness” in imposing its “unfounded moral judgment on their sister states.”

    Part of Tennessee’s resolution states that “WHEREAS, California’s attempt to influence public policy in our state is akin to Tennessee expressing its disapproval of California’s exorbitant taxes, spiraling budget deficits, runaway social welfare programs, and rampant illegal immigration…”

You can read the full resolution HERE.

Senator Mike Bell, author of the resolution, refrained from retaliation, but the document clearly criticized the boycott for its attempt to interfere with how another state conducts its affairs by restricting travel to that state, calling it a “type of blackmail.”

A certified copy of the resolution is also directed to be sent to about 15,000 individual state legislators across the nation. Let’s hope this resolution encourages similar state legislator to act against this type of intolerance from progressive states.

Join with Advocates for Faith & Freedom in our fight against religious intolerance in California and across our nation.

Your prayers and tax-deductible donations are always needed and greatly appreciated!

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