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“Hijacked K-12”: Equip Yourself with the Knowledge You Need!

Dear Partner,

Right now, your children who attend a California public school are allowed to:

  • Go off campus, without the consent of their parents, to receive an abortion. Teenage_girl_sad
  • Receive physical and mental health care, including vaccinations and treatment for STD’s, without the consent of parents.
  • Define their own gender.

These are just a few examples of how our public schools and the California Teacher’s Association (CTA) are systematically undermining parental influence, and giving it to school officials. We realize the gravity of this crisis and we wanted to do something to inform parents, church leaders, and communities so they can be prepared to protect their children.

In response, we spent hundreds of hours researching the laws in place, CTA materials, and cases that we have fought that illustrate how pervasive the problem is in our schools. We put this all together to create our comprehensive booklet: “Hijacked K-12”.

Helping us in our quest to educate and empower parents and community members, Trinity Worldwide Reprographics in Murrieta, CA, donated the printingHijacked_Front_cover of 2,000 copies of our booklet – all of which have been distributed so far!

We have heard from several individuals who have read the booklet, and one theme is evident – people had no idea of the seriousness and severity of what our children are facing in the classroom today!

We want as many people as possible to discover this realistic view of the culture that has been shaped in the California public school system over the last decade. Kids spend at least a quarter of their time every week in school, and it is important that parents understand the reality of what they are being taught and exposed to every day.

For instance, did you know that…

  • Senate Bill (SB) 48 now requires that history and social sciences curriculum be rewritten to identify, and focus upon, the homosexual preferences of historical individuals. Imagine if we tried to pass a bill that said that teachers must specifically mention the devout Christian faith of key historical persons – I have a feeling people would never let this pass, quoting the “separation of church and state.” And, yet, some people think the sexuality of these historical figures is worthy of discussion in the classroom.
  • The HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Act mandates that schools teach children about HIV/AIDS at least once in middle school and at least once in high school. Although we recognize that HIV/AIDS is a serious issue worldwide, we know that this Act opens the door for more improper conversations about homosexuality in the classroom.

Classroom_Empty_with_desksOur most important objective with this booklet is to provide ways for parents and teachers to take action. Parents can opt out of certain class instruction and teachers can opt out of the CTA so that their hard-earned money does not go towards dues to an organization that promotes anti-Christian views.

If you have not yet received a copy of our “Hijacked K-12” booklet, we are offering a hard copy to you for any donation this month! Simply click here or mail your donation and we will mail you the booklet. We truly believe that every parent, teacher, church leader, and community member should educate himself or herself about the public school crisis and learn what they can do to take action.

If you agree with the information that we have compiled in this booklet and would like to help us spread the word about this message, you can:

1. Encourage your pastor to have us speak to your congregation about the public school crisis, what their kids are being subjected to in the classroom, and what they can do to protect their children.

2. Host an informational meeting with your Bible study or any other group of concerned citizens. We would be happy to provide you with copies of our booklet to help inform your friends and family.

3. Encourage others to download the booklet (available here on our website) or to send in a donation for a hard copy.

Thank you for your help in spreading the word on this important topic.

God bless you,

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Robert Tyler
General Counsel

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