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In Case You Didn’t Know….

We’re sure you heard about President Trump’s announcement last month that transgender people will not be allowed to serve in the military.

But did you also know that in the same month, while the debate on Capitol Hill continued, Representative Vicky Hartzler, Republican of Missouri, proposed an Amendment to the government’s spending bill, House Amendment 183, that would prohibit the Pentagon from using our tax dollars to pay for transgender transition surgery or related hormone therapy? Unfortunately, the Amendment failed on a surprisingly bi-partisan vote.

Although President Trump’s transgender ban was mostly based on military readiness and cost concerns, if the policy is enacted, it is likely to be challenged in court.

However, if Congresswoman Hartzler’s Amendment had passed, it would have served to chip away at the Obama administration’s anti-Christian, pro-LGBT spending policies.  Other Republicans continue to call for similar proposals.

With the barrage of intense media focus on America’s supposed divided and fallen culture, it helps to know that there are some principled legislators in the U.S. Congress who remain committed to protecting, not only our hard earned tax dollars and the fundamental purpose of our military, but also conserving our Christian values.

If you wish to either thank your own Representative for their AYE vote – or discuss with them the reason for their NO vote – you can find their contact information by clicking HERE.

Advocates for Faith & Freedom would like to thank Congresswoman Hartzler for her commitment to protecting our shared American values in our government.

Advocates for Faith & Freedom is committed to fighting cases for your religious liberties in the courts. We are grateful for your faithful prayers and your tax-deductible donations of support!

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