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Parents Protest Sex Ed Propaganda

 School policy-makers are running amok, insisting we teach our children a politically correct, secular, and sometimes inaccurate philosophy on sexual behavior, sexuality, and gender.

Parents are indignant and school administrators aren’t listening, so they’ve organized a ‘Sex Ed Sit Out’! They’re protesting the sexually explicit, gender ideology, LGBT-inclusive sex education propaganda being taught in schools here and around the world!

On April 23, parents across our country are going to keep their children out of school to protest programs that are clearly meant to transform how our children view sex, gender, and homosexuality!

Parents have been unable to keep up with the rapidly changing laws and seemingly harmless titles given to curriculum designed to give children as young as 12 years old, sexual rights and freedoms behind their parents’ backs!  These policymakers operate under “civil rights” and “anti-bullying” laws.

Many parents who send their children to school to learn reading, math, science, and history have no idea this is happening in their school!  But, others have been pushing back at school board meetings and with their state legislators who too often hide behind the rhetoric of the laws and pander to the abortion industry and the noisy and threatening LGBT, gender equality, human rights organizations.

Directly from the California Safe Schools website, question #5 asks: “Do parents have a constitutional right to prevent their children from receiving education in public schools on subjects they disapprove?” The shocking answer is:  “Almost never”!

Protests are happening at schools across the nation and we’re encouraging parents to take a stand and “Sit Out” for your kids! Spread the word by forwarding this email and follow us on Facebook. Go to for information in your area.

Advocates for Faith & Freedom attorneys are currently advising parents, clergy and faith-based ministries as to their sex ed policy options.  Please contact us at if you have questions about your child’s school policy.   

And, if you are able, please help us continue our work to protect parents’ rights in our schools. Your donations are appreciated!

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