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Preliminary Victory for Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship

Calvary_Chapel_Bible_FellowshipShortly after Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship (affectionately known as “The Barn”) was built in 1999, the County of Riverside, CA, covertly passed a ban on further expansion or establishment of churches in the Temecula Wine Country.

After The Barn decided last year to expand its church facilities and build a small private country school for grades K-8, they learned of the County’s ban on churches. We have advised the County that the ban violates federal law and is unconstitutional.

Last week, we won a preliminary victory, as the Board of Supervisors in Riverside County, California, voted unanimously to begin considering an amendment to the existing zoning regulations that would allow churches and other religious organizations to move into the Temecula Wine Country! This does not assure churches the right to move into Wine Country just yet, but it does show a positive sign that the Board will begin working with us to correct the unlawful ordinances.


4 Responses to "Preliminary Victory for Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship"

Maureen Botz says:

Praise God! May He lead each board member in His perfect sovereign will to bless all those who seek Him and the truth of His Word. Staying on our knees, praying to our one true, God and believing that His will will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Bernard Budney says:

As a member of the Barn for at least 13 years, I would cannot think of anything more beautiful than a picture of a church or even more churches among vineyards. As I once told the Barn’s senior pastor, it just might be that the Barn’s parking lot is always more frequently filled with cars than those of the vintners.

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