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The Time to Fight for Our Students – Is NOW!

It is hard to express the urgency under which this article is being drafted. We just recently received extremely troubling information concerning a conference put on by the California Teachers Association. The conference was titled “Pride in Education — Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Conference.” This was their third annual conference held over Halloween weekend in Palm Springs, California.

          The conference program that was distributed to the teachers and administration attending the conference contained some very distressing information that reveals strategies that were once unimaginable.

If you think “same-sex marriage” was the apex of the GLBT agenda, you will be shocked to know that a new war has ferociously emerged — a war whereby a radical segment of society is attempting to take hostage of the minds and souls of our children.

This new war on children will soon become widely known as “Gender Liberation”. 

Hundreds of teachers and administers gathered to discuss the best ways to interact with and to indoctrinate our kids – the most vulnerable of society.  We wanted to provide you asampling of what was actually written in the program.  Under a heading titled “Gender Etiquette”, the teachers and administrators were urged by the CTA to conform to the following etiquette:

  • “Please do not assume anyone’s gender, even people you may have met in the past.  A person’s external appearance may not match their internal gender identity.”
  • “You cannot know the gender or sex of someone by their physical body, voice, appearance or mannerisms.”
  • “Pay attention to a person’ purposeful gender expression.”
  • We consider it polite to ask: “What pronoun do you prefer?” or “How do you identify?” before using pronouns or gendered words for anyone.
  • One way of acknowledging the needs of all people is to designate restrooms as gender neutral.
  • “Respectful allies, who learn from and with everyone and then educate others, are important for successful gender liberation.”
  • Each of us can decide for ourselves in which bathroom we belong.

Shocking, right?  We did not alter these quotes in any way.  These statements come directly from the pamphlet that California Teachers Association has endorsed, supported and distributed to their membership.

This new information joins other disturbing legislation facing our schools in the next year:

  • SB 48 – which requires that people of the gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual orientation be represented specifically in social studies curriculum and will go into effect on January 1, 2012.
  • SB 777 seeks to change the very fundamental idea of gender, allowing children to choose their own sex — however they wish to “identify”.  We began battling this legislation for over 4 years ago!

It’s a scary time to be a student in public school, and that is why we are devoting ourselves to changing the state of our schools in this coming year!

Children have liberties and rights of conscience just as adults do, and they need to be free to express them in a school environment. We contend that schools are not a place for social experimentation by persons with extreme liberal agendas.

This year-end, we are raising money to fund these battles in the courts.  We have committed to devote our time and energy to fighting for the rights of our students to be free from this psychological abuse, but we are going to need your help!  

Our goal is to raise $40,000 by January 15.  Please prayerfully consider giving any gift you can to help us reach it.  To help the cause, we have been blessed by two anonymous donors who are willing to MATCH every gift we receive up to $20,000 – dollar for dollar! 

In the coming days, we will tell you more about our campaign and these efforts, and we will also be offering a special booklet for anyone who gives $25 or more towards our campaign.  This booklet will give parents, students, teachers, and concerned citizens detailed information about what our children are facing in public schools today and what you need to be aware of in the coming year.

Please stay tuned for this information, and please pray about making a contribution to our efforts.

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