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Calvary Chapel Christian School v. University of California

The University of California system has denied applications from Christian schools to gain approval of courses and textbooks written from a Christian viewpoint. As a result, high school students from Christian schools may be unable to attend schools within the University system, despite qualifying grade point averages and standardized test scores, if the high schools they attend are not able to get their courses approved as college prep courses. The UC filed a motion to dismiss the case but lost in court.  Both sides then filed a motion for summary judgment, each asking the federal district court to issue a final judgment in its favor.

In March of 2008, the judge’s order denied our motion for summary judgment and only partially granted the state’s motion for summary judgment.  The most significant claims remain. Defendants have filed an additional partial motion for summary judgment in efforts to obtain a ruling without the expense and time delay of a trial.

On Friday, August 8, 2008, the court entered a final ruling dismissing the lawsuit brought by Calvary Chapel Christian School (Murrieta, CA) and the Association of Christian Schools International against the UC.  That same day, Advocates filed an appeal to the Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals.  All briefing in the Ninth Circuit was completed, and oral arguments were held.  In January, 2010, the Ninth Circuit ruled against ACSI  and Calvary Chapel.  Advocates and our co-counsel are currently working on briefing asking the Ninth Circuit to reconsider the case and, if necessary, will file an appeal asking the United States Supreme Court to hear the case.