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Current Cases

Unconstitutional: Court Orders State Attorney General Not to Enforce California’s Reproductive FACT Act

In Our Case Defending Life, California Judge Rules State Law Violates Its Own Constitution!

Scharpen Press Release Final 10-31-17
Statement of Decision 10-30-17
Injunction 10-31-17



Chino Valley Unified School District – Prayer at School Board Meetings

This will likely be a major precedent-setting case, and we need your help!

The Chino Valley Unified School District asked Advocates for Faith & Freedom to help them in defending its policy of allowing an opening invocation at their board meetings.



Mobile Pregnancy Center Sues California Over Requirement to Promote Abortion Services

Is it “legal” to force all Christian pregnancy counseling centers to give abortion referrals?

This is precisely the question we were asked by our client, Pastor Scott Scharpen, the president of Go Mobile for Life— a nonprofit crisis pregnancy counseling center that operates a mobile medical clinic providing free ultrasounds.

The State of California recently enacted a new law that requires pregnancy counseling centers to give their clients a notice that “California has public programs that provide immediate free or low-cost access to comprehensive family planning services (including all FDA-approved methods of contraception), prenatal care, and abortion for eligible women.” The notice must also include the phone number to the county social services office where abortion information can be obtained. The abortion notice must be posted in a conspicuous place within the waiting room or personally delivered to each patient.

Although there are some exemptions to the law, they appear to apply to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers, there is no exemption for religiously-based counseling centers.

We partnered with our friends at American Center for Law and Justice and filed a lawsuit on behalf of Go Mobile for Life in California state court where we are presently in active litigation and conducting depositions. We also filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of Livingwell Medical Clinic in northern California. After the initial three-judge panel in the Ninth Circuit denied our request for a preliminary injunction, we filed a petition “en banc” wherein we are requesting all of the judges in the Ninth Circuit to vote on whether an eleven-judge panel should be appointed to rehear the case.

Press Release – ICU Mobile Riverside County

First Amended Complaint 12-28-15

Update on case 4-7-17


Isaiah Martinez v. West Covina School District – Candy Cane Case

Isaiah Martinez wanted to hand out candy canes to his classmates at Christmas time.  Attached to the candies was a message about the legend of candy canes, including a Christian message.  His teacher would not allow him to hand out the gifts with this message attached.


Brynn Williams – Sharing a Bible Verse in School

Brynn Williams, a first grader, took her family’s Star of Bethlehem to present to the class for an assignment on family holiday traditions. Before she could finish her presentation (which ended with a recitation of John 3:16), her teacher shut down her presentation because she’s “not allowed to talk about the Bible in school.”


Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship vs Temecula Wine Country

This Church wants to build a new facility in Temecula Wine Country, but the area currently restricts church development in that zone.  We believe this is a clear violation of RLUIPA and are fighting on behalf of the Church.


Christian Arrested for Reading the Bible at the DMV in Hemet, CA

Two men were arrested for reading aloud from the Bible outside of a local DMV.  We have filed a federal case for unlawful arrest and false imprisonment.


Serrano v. Family Life Faith and Freedom Educational Corporation 

Can a Christian school require their employees to sign a Statement of Faith?


Ramona School District

What rights do school districts have in regard to crafting and enforcing parental notification policies?


San Diego Evangelism v. City of San Diego 

This ministry is facing ordinances that may affect their ability to evangelize in the ways they have previously done in their community.


Abigail T. v. Talkington School for Young Women Leaders

Each year, we hear from students wanting to organize and/or advertise a See You at the Pole (SYATP) event at their schools, who are prevented from doing so due to the administration’s fear of violating a “separation of church and state”.  This is one such case.