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San Diego Evangelism v. City of San Diego

Case Summaries

This ministry has two current matters open with the City of San Diego:

Case #1

San Diego Evangelism, organized by Neil Konitshek, is a group of active Christians who attend public special events and preach the Word of God by holding up signs with Christian messages.  The City of San Diego adopted Ordinance 53.30 restricting sign holders used by people attending parades and demonstrations classifying certain sign holders as “dangerous weapons”.  A demand letter has been prepared explaining that the Ordinance is unconstitutional because it makes lawful activity illegal.

Case #2

San Diego Evangelism, organized by Neil Konitshek as stated above, uses a small amplifier to preach the Word of God in large crowds.  The City of San Diego has adopted an ordinance that limits the decibels groups using sound equipment may use.  The group was recently purchased a small decibel reader in order to ensure that their use of sound equipment falls within the restrictions of the San Diego Ordinance.  This case is pending until San Diego Evangelism can determine the effect of the sound restrictions on their freedom of expression.