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Past Cases

People v. Brett Coronado and Mark Mackey

Current Status: Closed and Won

In 2011, a pastor and two of his congregants went to their local DMV in Hemet, CA, to do something they had done on several previous occasions – share the Word of God on the street.  This particular time would be different…it would end in the arrest of the pastor and one of the other men.


Farnan v. Capistrano Valley School District

Current Status: Closed in Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

Our groundbreaking case of student vs. teacher asked the question:  Does a teacher have the right touse his classroom as a platform to continually attack Christianity, and religion in general?


Perry v. Schwarzenegger

Current Status: Closed

This case defends Proposition 8 – a voter-backed initiative which defines marriage as between one man and one woman – against arguments that it violates the Equal Protection Clause and Due Process Clause of the United States Constitution.


California Education Committee v. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Current Status: California Superior Court

We are protecting our students against a new definition of “gender”, which would allow young people to define themselves as whatever sex they feel they are at the moment, despite their biological make-up.


Truth v. Kent School District

Current Status: Closed in Ninth Circuit Federal District Court

We stood up for students’ right to form a Bible club that would be fully recognized by the administration at their public high school.


Mindy Barlow, et al. v. Superior Court of San Diego

Current Status: Closed in Federal District Court in San Diego County

Should a Bible study have equal access to meet in Court facilities, where other public programs and groups are allowed to hold meetings?


Calvary Chapel Christian School v. University of California

Current Status: Closed in Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals

We fought to preserve the right of Christian schools to teach courses from a Christian perspective and to ensure that qualified graduates from Christian schools will be able to enter the University of California system.

Praise Christian Center v. City of Huntington Beach

Current Status: Closed in Ninth Circuit Federal Court Of Appeals

We devoted ourselves to upholding a church’s rights to be treated equally with secular institutions when officials apply land use regulations.

Healing Heart Outreach Ministry, Inc. v. Memphis Housing Authority

Court: Closed in Federal District Court

We defended a group’s right to hold a Bible study in their apartment building without interference from the state alleging a “separation of church and state” violation.

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