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Farnan v. Capistrano Valley School District

Christianity Under Fire

Dear Partner,

Over the past couple of decades, Americans have watched as their individual and religious freedoms have slowly been eroded, taken away, or replaced by governmental mandates and legislation.

The situation we are currently facing reminds me of the frog that is placed in a cold pot of water.  When the water slowly heats up, the frog has statue_of_liberty_under_waterbecome so comfortable there that he doesn’t even realize that he is being boiled alive!  Read More

Blockbuster Case in Education Goes to the U.S. Supreme Court

Four years ago, Chad Farnan was a high school student at Capistrano High School in Orange County, CA.  Day after day, he would attend his Advanced Placement European History class and have to endure anti-religious statements from his teacher, such as, “When you put on your Jesus glasses, you can’t see the truth.”  Chad realized that this offensive speech was an attack on religion and thus violated his First Amendment rights.

He came to Advocates for help, and we have brought this case before several different Courts.   Read More

A Look Back at 2010

What a difference YOU have made in the culture war raging in America!

We have been fighting the culture war in America for 5 years now, and we certainly couldn’t do it without you! You might be wondering– how do my prayers and financial gifts make an impact?  Well, here are some highlights of what you’ve allowed us to do this year alone: Read More