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Gender Liberation

Virginia Court Paves Way for Trans-Friendly Bathrooms

It is often said that “as California goes, so goes the rest of the nation.” That’s not necessarily a blessing when our bellwether state is led by decidedly progressive legislators. Nearly three years ago, California became the first state in the nation to pass a landmark bathroom bill allowing all students to select which restroom and locker room they use based on their “perceived” gender. Since then, LGBT activists Read More

The Fight against the Co-Ed Bathroom Bill isn’t over yet!

   We are honored to serve on the steering committee for Privacy for All Students (PFAS), the organization promoting the referendum that would repeal the Co-Ed Bathroom Bill (AB 1266). Here is a summary of AB 1266 and how it may affect our children in the public schools.

The California Secretary of State is reporting that PFAS came up 17,276 signatures short of the total 504,760 signatures needed. The Secretary of State declared that 487,484 signatures were valid and that 131,857 were invalid.  But this is not the last wordRead More

Last Chance: Co-Ed Bathroom Bill Referendum

UPDATED: Final Hours Extended to Get Petitions In on “Co-Ed Bathroom Bill”

The referendum effort against AB 1266, the “Co-Ed Bathroom Bill”, had 90 days to collect and turn in petitions.  The deadline fell on this coming Sunday, but most offices are closed on the weekend.  However, several county registrar offices have communicated that they will accept the petitions on  Sunday, so we have a couple extra days to continue to gather signatures.

       Advocates’ office will continue to collect petitions through tomorrow, Friday, up until 4:00 pm.  Our address is 24910 Las Brisas Road, Ste. 110, Murrieta, CA.  Phone: 951-304-7583

If you are out of our area and live in one of the following counties, please make sure your petitions are in the correct office (Northern or Southern California) by 4:00 pm this Saturday!

Los Angeles
San Bernardino
San Diego
San Joaquin
Santa Clara
Or send petitions to:
Northern California Office
Privacy for All Students
660 J Street, Suite 250
Sacramento, CA 95814

Southern California Office
(south of the Grapevine)
Calvary Chapel Chino Hills
4201 Eucalyptus Ave.
Chino, CA  91710

You can get a FedEx Shipping Label here.

Pick up petitions are our office or download them at and have our neighbors, friends and family sign them. We’re finding that most of the general public does not even know about this ridiculous law!


We are coming up on the last chance for you to sign the petition and count your name towards the referendum against AB 1266, the law that will allow public school students to choose the bathroom, locker room, and sports team of their choice – regardless of their gender.  If this referendum doesn’t reach the needed number of signatures, students will be able to choose which gender they most identify with and use the corresponding facilities – meaning less privacy for all students.  Imagine a boy who says he identifies as a girl sharing a locker room with the rest of the teenage girls!  Read More