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Justice Gala

Can You Help Us?

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As many of you know, our annual fundraising gala, Justice 2014, is coming soon. Many of you have been very gracious and supportive to us in times of need. And now…

We need your help!


During the gala, Advocates will host a silent and a live auction. We are in need of donated items for us to sell at the auction. Read More

Is Jesus Allowed in School? The Courts to Decide!

Dear Friend,

            Hostility towards religion, particularly Christianity, in public schools has increased dramatically in the past few years. Cases involving students being ridiculed and even reprimanded because of their Christian faith are on the rise.
            As some of you may recall, Isaiah Martinez, a first grader in West Covina, Calif., brought Christmas gifts to school to share with his classmates. The gifts were candy canes with attached notes describing the legend of the candy canes. The legend tells the story of the candy maker who created candy canes to represent the life of Jesus Christ.
            When Isaiah’s teacher saw what the note on the candy canes said, she confiscated them. After speaking with the principal, she told Isaiah that Jesus is not allowed in school. She then removed the notes at the direction of the principal and handed the candy canes back to Isaiah to distribute to the class.  The teacher then threw the notes in the trash.

            “Jesus is not allowed in school?”  Read More

Meet the Newest Member of Advocates!

We live in a society which threatens to silence the voice of Christians. Upholding our religious liberties and educating Americans about our fundamental constitutional rights becomes more critical each waking day.

We must expand our efforts in order to combat the attacks on our first amendment rights. Regardless of our financial concerns, we have no choice but to grow in order to effectively defend against those who wish to bury Christian principles. So that’s exactly what we’re doing. Read More

Justice 2014 is Coming…How YOU can help!

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Help make Justice 2014 our most successful gala yet!
 Advocates' Justice 2014 Gala
Advocates for Faith & Freedom is proud to present Justice 2014 ~ Understanding the Times. This year’s Justice Gala will take place September 27th, at the Hilton Orange County in Costa Mesa. We’re working towards a more successful gala than ever before. This exciting event includes a three-course gourmet dinner, engaging speakers, and both live and silent auctions!


Here at Advocates we rely on God’s providence to carry us as we fight for your First Amendment rights. The Justice Gala is a major contributor in covering court fees and other litigation expenses to continue the important cases being fought in America’s courts to uphold your religious liberty. It’s a very special event, and we would love for you to be a part of it. Read More

Presenting the Gospel while “Under Oath”

Dear friend,

More and more, we are experiencing governmental lawyers who seem to have no religious affiliation, no exposure to Christianity, and no knowledge of some of the most basic Christian principles like the “Great Commission.”  To many governmental lawyers, the concept of a Christian spreading the Gospel is almost putrid to their senses.

I am writing my thoughts as I ponder upon a deposition currently ongoing in one of our cases. Our client was questioned by an attorney from the California Attorney General’s Office and I anticipate, based on her questions, that she will eventually argue that our client’s attempts to share the Gospel is not protected religious speech because it is offensive to some members of the public. Read More

The Intensity is Increasing and Your Liberties are at Stake

“Among the most inestimable of our blessings is that….of liberty to worship our

Creator in the way we think most agreeable to His will; a liberty deemed in other countries incompatible with good government and yet proved by our

experience to be its best support.”

~ Thomas Jefferson

At Advocates, we are blessed to continue the work that our Founding Fathers supported and promoted—the protection of our First Amendment liberty to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And now, with your help, we must defend that right we cherish.

We told you last month about the unprecedented amount of new cases streaming into our office in just the past few months. In the last 90 days, we have provided legal representation to Christians and churches right here in California and as far away as New Jersey. A few of those cases are summarized in this newsletter.

Right now, I want to be very transparent with you because we need your help in order to fund the important work that lies ahead. Read More

No “Justice” This Year?

We have had several people call our office and ask about our annual Justice Gala, a fundraising event typically held in October in Southern California.  This year, we decided not to hold the gala, for two main reasons:

1.  Organizing, staffing, and executing Justice is a large financial commitment each year, and

2.  Many times, the finances and resources we have available to carry out our core mission – defending the First Amendment right to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ – are impacted.

          But, there’s still a BIG way you can help us financially… Read More

“We atheists laugh at you Christians…”

Dear Partner,

We have experienced a tremendous number of inquiries of Christians seeking pro-bono legal help in the last 60 to 90 days for many legal assaults on the Christian faith. Our legal team has sprung into action and successfully protected a number of those Christians with our rapid response, as you will see when you read further in the newsletter.

It seems that the root cause behind this assault is the evil unleashed in the spiritual realm. We know that God has called us to stand in defense of the many Christians doing great work in the spread of the Gospel and also, for those Christians who are mere victims of arbitrary anti-Christian bigotry by persons in power.

            Has our legal ministry become more visible in the last 90 days, or is it a sign of the times? Read More