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Our Mission Updates

Meet the Newest Member of Advocates!

We live in a society which threatens to silence the voice of Christians. Upholding our religious liberties and educating Americans about our fundamental constitutional rights becomes more critical each waking day.

We must expand our efforts in order to combat the attacks on our first amendment rights. Regardless of our financial concerns, we have no choice but to grow in order to effectively defend against those who wish to bury Christian principles. So that’s exactly what we’re doing. Read More

Last Chance to Help Us in 2013

Dear friend,

        A quick reminder that today is your LAST CHANCE to give a tax-deductible gift to Advocates for Faith & Freedom this year.

There’s still time to help us as we carry out this work to defend our First Amendment liberty to spread the Gospel of Jesus and to live out our faith in our daily lives.  We’ve taken on numerous new cases in the last few months; you can read about these important matters here.

Your gift can be made securely online at  Or you may send a check postmarked by today to our office: Read More

The Intensity is Increasing and Your Liberties are at Stake

“Among the most inestimable of our blessings is that….of liberty to worship our

Creator in the way we think most agreeable to His will; a liberty deemed in other countries incompatible with good government and yet proved by our

experience to be its best support.”

~ Thomas Jefferson

At Advocates, we are blessed to continue the work that our Founding Fathers supported and promoted—the protection of our First Amendment liberty to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And now, with your help, we must defend that right we cherish.

We told you last month about the unprecedented amount of new cases streaming into our office in just the past few months. In the last 90 days, we have provided legal representation to Christians and churches right here in California and as far away as New Jersey. A few of those cases are summarized in this newsletter.

Right now, I want to be very transparent with you because we need your help in order to fund the important work that lies ahead. Read More

No “Justice” This Year?

We have had several people call our office and ask about our annual Justice Gala, a fundraising event typically held in October in Southern California.  This year, we decided not to hold the gala, for two main reasons:

1.  Organizing, staffing, and executing Justice is a large financial commitment each year, and

2.  Many times, the finances and resources we have available to carry out our core mission – defending the First Amendment right to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ – are impacted.

          But, there’s still a BIG way you can help us financially… Read More

7 Years and Counting: Will YOU Help Us Press On?

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We are so blessed that, for the past 7 years, we have been able to pursue our mission of defending religious liberty in our nation. Now, at this pivotal time, we are looking to the future – pressing on and continuing our work!

In order to do this and to grow our impact, we are hoping to raise $2,500 in new monthly donations by the start of the New Year. If you are able, please consider pledging any amount that you can to our organization on a monthly basis. We rely on these gifts to cover our ongoing expenses and to plan for growth.

We know that pledging a monthly gift is a big commitment. So, we asked one of our longtime monthly donors, Emily, to share her story and why she continues to support Advocates every month: Read More

Purposes that Cultivate Our Hearts

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Dear Partner,

Over the last two years, my family has developed a particular passion for the people of Haiti due to three recent mission trips my children and I have taken with the Haiti Endowment Fund. Our first mission trip was scheduled just before the earthquake that devastated this small island nation. The earthquake delayed our first trip to Haiti for a short time, a time during which Christian ministries and American humanitarian aid poured into Haiti.

While bringing basic necessities to the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, I have reflected upon the intolerable circumstances of living in Haiti and the blessings we cherish in the United States. Read More

A Look Back at 2010

What a difference YOU have made in the culture war raging in America!

We have been fighting the culture war in America for 5 years now, and we certainly couldn’t do it without you! You might be wondering– how do my prayers and financial gifts make an impact?  Well, here are some highlights of what you’ve allowed us to do this year alone: Read More