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Zoning Disputes

Why Are “Adult Businesses” Protected More Than Churches?

Local zoning laws are required by law to permit “adult businesses” without the same burdens hurled upon churches. The U.S. Supreme Court has determined that “adult businesses” are entitled to protection from discriminatory zoning laws because the businesses’ “speech” and “expression” are protected by the First Amendment. Read More

Victory in San Diego!

Last week, we received an urgent call from one of our ministry friends, Ron Harper. He asked for our immediate help to prevent the County of San Diego from placing a huge burden on churches.church_parking_lot

Ron is a contractor who specializes in building churches. Ron informed us that the County of San Diego was planning to adopt a new law that would require all churches to drastically increase the amount of parking they provide before they expand any facilities or build a new building. Read More

Wine Country Vintners to Church: “We don’t want your kind out here!”

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Can churches and wineries coexist? That is the question at stake right now in the face of a Riverside County hearing in Temecula, CA. Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship (“The Barn”) is gearing up to file a federal lawsuit against the County of Riverside in the event that the County continues its ban on churches in the Temecula Wine Country Read More

Is this Our America?

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If we told you that a pastor had been arrested for holding regular Bible study meetings at his house, where in the world would you think this had occurred?  Would you believe that this happened in Arizona?

More than a dozen Phoenix police officers and city officials raided the home of the pastor and arrested him, saying that he could not hold regular church meetings at his own house, because it is not in an area zoned for churches and he had violated building code laws.

Incredibly, this pastor was sentenced to: Read More